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Month: September 2020

Green Homes grant UK

Many years ago (like ten) Australia had this program where they would give a company $3,000 to put insulation in your house. It too was during an economic downturn and did get a lot of people working. It got cancelled though as a few people died in hot QLD rooves.

Now the UK is at it with the “Green homes grant” launched sept 2020 and i for one bloody love it. Here are the details.

Primary measures: up to £5,000

Insulation measures

The following insulation measures are covered by the voucher:

  • solid wall
  • under floor
  • cavity wall
  • loft
  • flat roof
  • room in roof
  • insulating a park home

Low carbon heat measures

The following low carbon heating measures are covered by the voucher:

  • air or ground source heat pump
  • solar thermal (liquid filled flat plate or evacuated tube collectors)
  • biomass boilers

Secondary measures up to £5,000

  • draught proofing
  • double/triple glazing (where replacing single glazed windows)
  • secondary glazing (in addition to single glazing)
  • external energy efficient doors (replacing single glazed or solid doors installed before 2002)
  • heating controls
  • hot water tank thermostats and insulation

The amount you get towards the cost of secondary measures cannot exceed the amount you get for primary measures, so spend the full £5,000.

Fine Print:

Now if you are low income and on befits you can get 100% covered if not 80% which is great still. try this, you get £5,000 worth of insulation, roof, walls, floor, all eco-friendly.

Then you get $5,000 in double glazed windows, new doors, draft proofing. If you spent all, your bill would be £2,000 out of pocket. The best outcome is you have reduced your household carbon footprint. You electric bill will drop and you’ve increased the value of your house.


You can apply for the voucher at the website and applications are open at the end of sept. Right now it is un-clear what it covers in terms of dual invoicing and an energy audit. What would be best would be to hire an energy specialist and they organise it all. Still here are a few good options for eco-friendly insulation.


Made from 100% recycled paper. Warmcel is a cellose based blowing in insulation. They give training to the installers and because it’s a hose and blown in they can do hard to reach places like floors and walls. They have a nation wide network of installers.


This is a foam that expand like that stuff in a can. It claims to be eco because it’s harmless chemicals but i’m not sure. It here an option.


I don’t know if the voucher covers supplies to d.i.y it might, or this company might start to offer an instillation service, or your installer might be able to buy from them. If you want some insulation made for 100% british sheep wool, here it is. Looks nice.

Solar thermal:

If you have a good level of insulation already, solar can be a great idea. In the UK it’s not like to remove your energy bill but it can lower it a lot. Also it can increase the value of your home, lower your energy bill and lower your carbon footprint. If you can get a solar battery included that is great.


When the program is launched in full i will be applying for it and thus i will update this.

Mistakes made – Money lost

The problem with learning as you trade is lessons cost money. I had to learn something dumb can work out well once, by luck, but that doesn’t mean it will again. I am sure that how many will view my trading style!

Once about a month ago, i saw Amazon was due to have their Q2 Earnings after market, i assumed it would be great and everyone would buy. So before close i bought 2,000 * 5 a very scary investment for me. The news comes in they rocked it and the pre-market bought, so when the market opened my shares jumped up 5%. This was about $500 after some losses during the day. It all worked, so i think this is a great plan, but it’s not.

The market is insane

The stock exchange is not a sane person, it is crazy. It will do things for reasons you can’t guess. I lost money on Etsy, Alibaba, Vipstore, Macy’s and more. A good earning might still drop if it’s not good enough or it’s already over-sold. The tactic i now use is buy on my test account, stocks i like and stocks with earnings last night and that morning. If they are going up i buy and if they go down i watch.

Etsy, Nvidia, alibaba, all had one shit day and then rocked. Idiots like me lost money and proper traders waited and bought low. Now we have zoom and it moved by 40% which is insane, so i think i should be in it again, so tonight i will try something new.

Crowd sense

Docusign might go well, they have after close earnings and are riding the work at home thing, but they have also got very well until now, which is bad. Zoom did well because it was treated like shit for ages then people realised it was awesome. Now tonight at around 8pm i will buy Docu. If it’s a good idea, other will and it will go up. If it goes up i will hold, if it drops i will sell, i will update this tomorrow.

I don’t think anyone is reading this but it’s good for me.

Losing money waiting for a correction

So i am a big fan of Tesla. I have lost and made a good amount on this stock and keep an eye on it. In my test account i bought $1,000 x 5 on 19.8/20 which yesterday was $2,500+. A lot of people are losing money while waiting for a correction. This is how this idiot approaches it.

In real life i was holding on monday $2,000 * 5 and sold too early but i made $750 across two accounts. I sold when it was 5% up. Then it went up 12%, damn it. I was out and watching, it dropped -5% next day, then Wednesday it crashed 18%, i bought back in at -15% and nearly died of fear (-$400) and got more at -18%, this took guts but i saw it starting to go back up. It went back to -7% around 447, and i made $500, and reversed my loss.

Now it’s ready to open and i think it will go up, but i am not holding it. as i sell at night before close.,because i don’t like this after market shit. So i am an idiot but i have made more than $1,000 in a week from Tesla. Yes it’s over priced, yes a correction is coming but day traders should be safe (ish) . With Tesla people ask the wrong questions, should i buy, hell yes, when it’s 18% down, Tesla is not a bubble. they will still be here and making money in ten years. Do you think with our current move to EV they will sell less in the coming years? they also sell awesome power walls, solar cells, solar tiles.

People buy on news and this is what Tesla has coming.

  • Joining S &P
  • Batteries day (sept 22)
  • Selling $5b in stock, nice of them not to issue new stock but sell existing and help us.
  • every quarter they make money
  • they are winning the race to driverless
  • they have an exclusive deal with sun run

If you are a day trader, you’d be mad not to watch this stock and buy and sell it. If it drops be willing to take a hit and make it back. On weds i bought at -10% it fell more, i sold fast and ate $-120 loss but bought at the real bottom of -18%. A stock that moves 10% in a day is what we love.

  • Julius is a crazy day trader and often has Tesla positions.