Spriggan found in country QLD!!!!

So you all know, i wanted to start writing a series, where monsters are scary again. Now the spriggan is a bitch of a monster. It only really features in skyrim and they are easy to kill. In my new book “Vicky vs spriggan” the spriggan is dark, dangerous, smart.

It hunts the people on the farm, and sort them out for breaking, the rules of his grove.

                       Powers of a spriggan

  1. Can control animals & insects
  2. Can grow vines from own body
  3. Strong enough to punch a hole in a human chest
  4. Very strong bodies, knife proof, point blank gun only.
  5. Can read human memories, to gain knowledge
  6. Can climb any surface made of wood

So spriggans are actually badarse, check out my book: 0.99 Cents on Amazon

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