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Every week i go to the Hillsong church in Bermondsey and this week the speaker was Greg the head of Hillsong UK. I have only seen him “live” this one time and on a screen the others. It was interesting because he spoke a lot about what to expect this year and i founded his words a help to bring together some of my random thoughts.

We live in a world of horror, every time you turn on the TV or the new something horrible is happening somewhere. We have killed the planet and are killing the animals, we will all drown in flood waters of our making, it’s hard not to be burned out caring. Greg said this year someone would need our empathy and help. I feel we often stop caring because the problem seems too big. Everyone needs our empathy. The world needs help so what do we do? we can’t give money to everyone, we can’t fix everything.

Yet if we read Matthew 19: 26 “Jesus looked at them and said: with man this is impossible but with god all things are possible.”

Some times when i see a beggar on the street i not only don’t help, i don’t engage at all. I am a nice person, I think, but we of the modern world are burned out caring and generally keep to ourselves. While Greg says he keeps a £20 pound note to give to people handy, i can’t do that, i can’t afford it, what i can do is care.

It is powerful for us as people if we pray for God to help them. I can’t give money to everyone, but i think if we prayed for them, we’d at least be saying to ourselves it was wrong and we’re doing what we can. As Christians our prayer is a powerful force and one we should value.

Getting God to help is the best thing we can do and by praying when we see something we don’t like we are taking the power back from being hopeless.

Recently i saw a video of an African man who had been helped by the “Compassion” mission. He was asked why he turned to God afterwards. He said it was simple he had proof of God. He had prayed to be saved from his poverty and God sent some people from Australia and the UK to help him. If you can give money then do, but don’t let hopelessness win. with God all things are possible. Even decent humans.