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Celeb: Taylor Swift criticizes show for “lazy” and “sexist” joke – Highlights slander of powerful women.

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Say what you will about social media, it does give celebs more power to strike back. Recently Taylor Swift was the butt of a joke regarding her apparently very active love life. She struck back on social media and the case highlights even now in 2021. the media is glad to commit slander.

In the tv series Ginny and Georgia, on Netflix USA.

Ginny said: “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”

Defending herself, Taylor responded via twitter.

The tweet has gotten more than 150k retweets, which is higher than the shows audience. It also goes to show that the media in general still thinks it’s fine to engage in baseless slander of female celebs . Recently the Britney Spears documentary showed that the media could commit slander and nothing would happen because it didn’t cost the victim money. Many times they referred to her as “unstable” and “unfit” without the support of doctors.

 Slander: a false and malicious spoken statement.

You shouldn’t be able to make a statement about someone you cannot prove and if you do, why should this not be illegal? We need to reform the Slander laws and make it Illegal to defame someone regardless of cost to their bank balance.

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