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Customer experience optimization: Strategy Guide

Your high-performing marketing team knows the importance of an excellent customer experience (CX) and the importance of optimizing that experience to match your brand. If a customer’s experience is not optimized, your CX is not at 100% and it needs to be. In this modern world, you are no longer only competing against others companies in your field but the customers growing expectations.

Today we will show you some important facets to a good CX and the easy steps to optimize yours.

So, what is Customer Experience Optimization?

A simple answer to this question is: CX is the method or process of optimizing the digital experience, with the help of machine learning, to gather, analyze and trace the elements that make up the customers whole movement from click to interaction to conversion rate. It is a way of tracking a customers sale journey and how much they enjoyed it.

It will track a customer from their click on a Facebook advert to a mailing list sign up, to open rates and to e-commerce buys and beyond. It shows how general members of the public become a customer and how to streamline this process. The question is why would your company invest in CX?

Research by American Express found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. When shopping on Amazon, 79% of consumers are influenced by products with the best ratings and reviews. We know from our personal experience, we will go to the product with good reviews and this is often because of the customer service, packaging, delivery speed, great website and other factors.

Let’s first focus on the CX Strategy and also let’s break the challenge’s down a little bit into further detail.

How does CX Optimization work? This ever-growing task is about mastering the art of personalization and portraying a great customer experience through modern, personalized marketing. Every customer is different and the ad copy, content, markets they will respond to are different.

Sales Journey

Customer Journey Planner (CJP) tool can give you a very clear picture of the experience and the variants in the customer experience. It should show you all the touchpoints and give you a great overview of what you can tweak.

CX is not limited to your product or brand alone. If you wish to increase sales or build brand loyalty simultaneously – based on personalization and not value only, the CX Strategy, the CX people, and the CX products can be further investigated.

Ultimately, this generates actionable insights – from metrics of CX, a relationship like brand exposure to the customer.

Metrics from CX

  • Satisfaction
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Revenue.

Fact: an excellent CX is the product, platform or strategy that comes out of the customer interactions. (not untested ideas)

To fulfil the various metrics listed above, the CX people, and the CX brands can be planning the path to your target market.

Superlative Trained and Automated Customer Experience with CX

Good KPIs for your team are:

  • Cost per Click to interact
  • Processed interaction? (time of staff)
  • Take increased chances (customer behaviour)
  • Trigger new offers (cross-sell)
  • Sell a product or build the brand (a/b)
  • Be the first to enter your market (targets)

With the help of predictive analytics, marketing, CX, big data, Social Media, and Analytics, we can try to get customer feedback, from every case

Whether you’re a small (or large) organization or a Fortune 500 company, it has true potential to generate highly profitable CX, if properly followed the following values are obtained:

  • Customer experience
  • Review of product quality
  • Touchpoints
  • getting close to the customer

What are touchpoints? – Interactions with the customer, they clicked this, received that. When the business comes in contact with them.

CX is prioritized in our customer experience leadership and business development, as per the audience from our point of view. A business must highly optimize CX and get the right data from touchpoints. If you are running a business payroll can be one the thinks that give more problems to your business, but you can solvent this with the help of professional in payroll administration services.

Key performance indicators (KPI’s) are telling us where the customer experience stands on the customer journey map, and how to optimize the overall experience. These metrics help the customer insight systematically (user experience), meaning calls to actions, friction points, feedback, promotional offers, etc.

5 Step CX strategy

  • Create a customer experience vision (300 words)
  • Create customer sales journey
  • Craft Touchpoints in the sales journey
  • Capture customer feedback
  • Use a quality framework for team development

Customer experience vision

A customer experience vision is a written document of an aspiration nature, which outlines what your company intends to do and mean to customers. While a CXV is often written in corporate double-speak, some of the best ones are focused on reality and have very clear goals for staff. If you run a busy call centre, the KPI of calls answered in X minutes should be in the CXV. The overall mission is to provide timely advice but concrete targets can be aimed for.

Create customer sales journey

Different customers are different and they want different things this can be as simple as on your contact form providing phone and email options and asking which they prefer. By tracking the different sales journeys you have, you can highlight and optimize the touchpoints used.

Ie. if you gaining customers in two ways, one from organic search and one from PPC, you might look at the PPC and start a/b testing keywords, images and copy.

Craft touch-points

As mentioned before, a touchpoint is anywhere along the sales journey your brand interacts with the customer. For optimized CX you need the touchpoints to reflect your overall vision and provide a rich customer experience. You need to think not only about which banner ad converts the best, but what does this say about us. Plan your customer journey after the product delivered and the customer leaves and 5-star review or join the mailing list.

Capture Customer Feedback

The cornerstone of good CX is customer feedback. The most common way is the long-form email, but apps and phone survey are quite popular. Many call centres direct you to a survey once the service is over and many of us have completed a survey on completion of a help desk ticket. All business in the modern age needs to be asking customers opinions as much as they can. An untested opinion can harm long term sales and viability.

Framework for development

You’re team need to be trained constantly to meet the growing requirement of customers. At the very least a phone-based sales or service team needs monthly sales reviews and coaching with their team leader. SMART goals need to be established and KPI’s need to be maintained. A good phone-based service team is often vital in optimizing CX.

The untested opinion doesn’t matter much. Learn the facts and work towards optimizing the experience of your customers. It is possible, fast and fun.

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