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Film: 3 cuts/edits to learn from Shaun of the Dead.

Often in the world of film, writers and even directors often take the backseat even though it is often their story and on screen brillance that make or breaks a film. When one looks at the “Cornetto trilogy” Shaun of the dead, Hotfuzz and the world’s End. We see the directorial brillance of Edgar Wright on display.

While Simon Pegg and Nick frost certainly preformed perfectly, when one thinks for these movies it’s classic Wright.

Today we aim to show case some of his classic style and see how you can spot some of his films, if you’re a budding film maker consider trying these.


While some may argue Hotfuzz is more advanced than Shaun of the Dead, many of the techniques we see as classic Wright are first on display in this film. Shaun of the Dead was made on much tighter budget but shows what you can do with a great cast, good story and directors. It help sky rocket Simon Peggs career and showed those who rejected wright to film school to be fools.


The aim of a jump-cut is to make a boring scene more interesting. It also shows the passing fo time. Shaun has to get ready, we need to see it, but with a jump it ias faster. In film we clearly don’t see every moment of the chartacter life.

Edit to the beat

While other directors use this technique, Edgar, take this to a new level. In both Baby Driver and Scott Pilgram, we see a huge use of this. Baby is music obsessed and always has his headphones on. In Shaun of the Dead we see edit to the beat used as a comic device.

The Long shot

While many directors also make use of the long shot. Edgar wright often uses it in conjection with his other technique to make the most of scenes. He won’t just show someone going to the shop. He conveys that Shaun is obvivious to zombies and keeps us hooked during the entire exposition.

Like any artist his directorial efforts have gotten better and better. If you enjoy this style do watch “scott Pilgram vs the world” it it a true master-class.

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