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Films: 5 best under-dog earners.

When it comes to a profitable film, the cheaper it is to make the more it can earn in terms of return on investment. While some massive blockbuster like Marvel: End Game, Titanic, Moulin Rouge and Gladitor, may have earned 100’s of millions at the box office, their return on investment were lower than some small budget films.

Today we showcase five of the more surprising sleeper hits that have rewarded their makers with many times their investment.

Mrs. Doubtfire (2003)

Return on investment: 1160%
Budget $38 million.
Gross revenue $441 million.

At the time Robin Williams was one of the biggest stars in comedy and one can imagine that most of the small budget (for hollywood) was spent on him. The plot it about an un-employed actor who cross-dresses as an old scottish lady to get closer to his children. It shows that movies without explosions, car chase, flying suoperheroes are much cheaper to make.

Homealone (1990)

Return on investment: 1590%
Budget $30 million (inflation-adjusted)
Gross revenue $477 million

This tale of some criminally negligent parents and their abadonment of thier child during the holidays was the hit of the year. Despite it’s low budget and lower expectations it had the right ingedients for a hit.

Set at christmas, produced by John Hughes and directred by chris colombus. In this age kevin would likely be taken by child protective serice, but in the 90’s it was funny.

Pretty woman (1990)

Return on investment: 2013%
Budget $23 million
Gross revenue $463 million

Pretty Woman is great example of the power of audience over critic. While it recieved very poor reviews and critcal feedback. The boxoffice figures, showed audiences loved it. Pretty Woman was also released at the right ime. During the explosive growth of Video and home cinimea, it has continued to earn for it’s makers. year after year.

Now consided by fan as a classic romantic comedy, it now has over 13,000 personal 5 star reviews on amazon prime.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Return on investment: 2520%
Budget $15 million
Gross revenue $378 million

While Warner bros, the producers of Slumdog had little faith in the project. It had everything it needed to shine. One, a brillant actor and brillant director. Based on a best selling book.

While it almost didn’t earn a cinema release because odf the producers lack of faith but the film festive buzz got it over the line. Eight academy award later it shows what a skilled director can do with a tight budget.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Return on investment: 6150%
Budget $6 million
Gross revenue $369 million

Possibly the most profitable film of all time. MBFGW earned over 6000% in investment returns. If you invested $1k , you’d have earned back $6 million. The story is the strugles of a greek woman as she find love with a non-greek man. Nia Vardalos writes and stars as Toula Portokalis.

Initially written as a one-woman play she performed for six weeks. Getting the film made was itself a struggle but Nia showed that by staying true to her vision and not allowing other to make changes, it turned into a life changing hit.

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