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How to get more Downloads

If you have a book you want to get heaps of free downloads. Maybe it is book one in a series and 100 free download is 1 sale of the series.

So, 10,000 free is 100 buys. You might earn $4 for the series and can earn $400 for 10,000 free downloads. This is our top five though much trial and error.

5. Free sites

Most self published authors know about the “Free sites”. There are hundreds of them that has mailing lists that very in size from 1,000 to 30,000. Dave Cheston of Kindleprenuer has a great list of 127 of the best. The great thing is the download come off Amazon and help you rank. These can give you hundreds or thousands of downloads but often work once.

4. Facebook Groups

The good thing about facebook groups is you can paste the same message into a lot. The thing to be aware of is image is better than text and video is better than both. Hashtag facebook like twitter and use this great mega-list of free groups. Follow the rules, only post once a day. ect.

3. Twitter

Twitter is great for free books because many large groups re-tweet based on search terms and hashtag usage. Make sure use 3-5 hashtags per post and use the right ones. Try this list from Kindleprenuer, make sure you use “free urban fantasy book” as many groups search and re-tweet ” free fantasy”

2. Bookfunnel, Prolific works, bookcave

If you want to join group promos, bookfunnel is awesome. The only thing to be aware is while it’s very easy and you can easily be getting 100’s downloads a day, if you join a few promos. You have to promote them back. If you have a mailing list of 1,000+ then you can probably do it. Also be aware that the downloads are from Bookfunnel and will not help Your Amazon rank.

Don’t be afraid to share the link on social.

1. Youtube

Youtube is the world second largest search, yet many authors don’t embrace it. If free downloads is your mission. A video-promo is needed. Sign up to a promo on bookfunnel, or make your own. A good video, even on a small Chanel listing all books, including yours, can gain 10-20 clicks a day, or 300 – 600 for the month.

When posting to youtube make sure you use good SEO in the title name, if you need a free editor or to get a video made check out.

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