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Super: Captain Marvel: 10 reasons it is one of the best.

Recently Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, joined the MCU in her first feature film before coming to fight Thanos in Avengers: End Game. The movie stands out as one of the best in the 23 of the first cycle and has many features to recomend it. Here is the top ten why it ranks in the top three.

warning: Contain spoliers, assume’s you are up to date with MCU.

Set in 1995

Seeing Carol come crashing through the roof of a Blocklbuster video has it’s own thrill. Also Captain Marvel is not only the first recruit by Nick Fury and the founding member of the Avengers. She needs to start things off early. Given her antic’s happen before the attack of New York and the begin of the first Marvel cycle.

The twin directors nail the 90’s nosagia well and from her NIN t-shirt or leather jacket, she looks a character from friend with super-powers.

Brie Larson won an oscar

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

While none of the MCU can’t act, but Brie Larson is not only good at comic timming. Be instantly likable, but can also carry a film based on her own acting. Not many actors who star In the MCU have such a solid background. She has won a best actress oscar for her role in the stark and deeply disurtibing drama, room.

Nick Fury

Samuel. j. jackson has appeared in every Marvel film from the first avengers film to the the recent outings of spider-man, post the death of Iron man. Many films explore the Avengers world but none show excactly how the avengers we’re formed and why. Here we see Nick meeting his first Meta-human and decideing that the Earth needed heroes to guard it.

This is Nick Fury pre-avengers and in Captain Marvel is where he loses his eye.

Ben Menehelson

Australian born and bred. Ben Mehendelson is a fantastic actor as has been appearing in films for over 20 years. He play the shape-shifting alien with Humor and conviction. In the story Carol must decide to defend earth or help the alien race which is lead by mehendelson.

He shows that good casting is important in a feature film.

Marvel vs Ronan

Not many of the Marvel heroes are truly intergalatic. Carol can not only fly, fight and is hard to kill but she can fly though space and indeed even spaceships. Ronan the accuser is the terror and his fleet of necro craft are the weapon of Thanos and the feature villians in the fantasic series “Guardians of the galaxy”. While they msut use an infinity stone to beat ronan, Carol simply fly’s through his craft.

Ronan is not even the major villian of her story.

Carol is skilled

Unlike many heroes who have no other skills than hurting people. Carol Danvers was highly skilled before the light-speed engine exploded and gave her incredible powers.

An officer in the airforce, she is a qualified test pilot and with her indoctination and adoption by the kree, she is one of the few humans that can fly alien space ships. She can also fight hand to hand and ride a moterbike.

Cat is a Flerkin

In this movie Carol makes many unlikely allies and turns more than a few enemies to friends. In this her humble cat goose, is reveeled to be the deadly flerkin. Good thing it’s still on her side.

This creature is one of the most deadly in the galaxy.

The Kree get served

If you like guardian of the galaxy, you hate ronan and the kree. The blue skinned facists that rule the MCU skies. In Captain Marvel, we get a good view into their society, goals and the way they inerect with other planets.

Given their attutude towards expansion, domaniation and control, it’s not a surprise they are the main motervation for Nick Fury starting the Avenger program.

Most powerul woman in MCU

The powers of Carol were transfered to her when the light speed engine, created by the Kree scientist Mar-veil, exploded right next to here. It was powered by the Tessaract and thus she became one, if not the most powerful female in the MCU.

While sites like Den of geek love to debate if she could beat Hulk or Thor in a fight. She can live and breath in space and is imune to most poisons and toxins. While she may be physically weaker than certain characters, thing that would kill them, would not kill her.

She’s on Call

While at the end of Captian Marvel, Carol decides she must help the Skrull and disappears across the galaxy, she leaves a 90’s style communication device. While occuring in 1995, the film occurs shortly before the epic event of the End Game. Carol is called back to help during this all or nothing fight with Thanos.

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