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The 5 boring things you need before you move in, or else!

When it comes to moving house. Certainly for the first time. Chances are you don’t own anything, except a bedroom full of stuff. Even if you get a furnished house and it has the bills, WiFi and the Netflix subscription sorted. You will need a few things that are damn easy to overlook. The best bet is to do a checklist with your housemates and make sure they are happy to share.

These are the things you’ll need a lot more than your play station.

5. Vacuum

Every house needs a Vacuum, The good thing is they are cheap on Amazon and should be bought by the person with a prime account (free postage) if you don’t have a prime account, we recommend getting a free 30 day trial and order everything, before you arrive.

When you buy a Vacuum ensure the following:

  1. Bag-less
  2. Extendable brush for kitchen
  3. Good reviews
  4. Cyclone

4. Dish-washing stuff

When you first arrive in house, often and question is who has tea-towels? The parents often have everything you didn’t think of. If you have a dishwasher then just buy some capsules, but if you don’t you need stuff to wash the dishes.

Dish-washing kit

  1. Dish – rack
  2. Dish washing liquid
  3. Brush & Wipes
  4. Tea Towels

3. Pots & Pans

When it comes to moving in to a house, the best thing to do to keep costs down is to think of what you actually will be cooking. Many busy students and others will be living off a diet of instant noodles, baked bean, pasta and sauce and not much more. Still even if you want a nice breakfast of fried eggs, you need a fry pan.

Pots & Pans:

  • 2 times sauce pan with lids
  • Fry pan
  • Collinder (drainer)
  • Wok?
  • Egg flippers (plastic), plastic spoons and tools

2. Plates, Knives, Mugs

If you plan on eating and drinking. You’ll need things to eat off and drink out off. You’ll also need more than one of each, so you’re not having to wash dishes to use them. It’s strange but even a diet of toast and coffee will require more than nothing. The good thing is buying sets of these things is quite affordable, especially when split by four.


  • Plates, Bowls, Mugs, cups
  • Knives, forks, teaspoon, table spoon
  • Place mats and coasters

1. Essentials

Somethings like electric, the wifi and the Netflix account, need to be front of mind. Coffee and breakfast should also be front of mind. Think of how bad life would if you finish up-packing only to find no-one owns a kettle! it does happen and they are around $5 pound on amazon. Many busy people only eat toast and tea, but that needs a toaster!


  • Plug in Kettle
  • Plug in toaster
  • Coffee plunger or instant powder
  • Tea bags
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Mugs
  • tea spoons

We hope this list helps avoid that “oh damn” moment and help prepare you for moving in. Remember to ask you friends, family and Facebook before you move as many people would give you the old to buy a new one and the idea is to save as much as you can when moving.

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