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Top Ten: Trained and Dangerous women

In the fictional worlds created by our favourite directors, writers, comic artists, and storytellers. There is an ever-growing pantheon of truly tough women. Since Sigourney Weaver first appeared as Ripley in the movie Alien and Wonder Woman graced the silver screen in her first TV show. More and more roles have appeared with women as heroes. Some like Wonder Woman were born with incredible gifts of strength, speed, and to a non-human race. Some like Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, gained their powers via an accident or an experiment with genetics.

This top ten list is about those characters, who like Kate Kane, Batwoman, have no innate or inborn superpower or strength but from hard work and determination are protectors of the weak, masters of kung fu, leaders of the league of shadows or simply prove they are as dangerous as their male counterparts.

  1. Natasha Romonova a.k.a the Black widow
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A founding member of the Avengers and who helped to save New York from Loki and every villain faced by the avengers until giving her life to defeat Thanos in the Infinity War. The Black widow was one of the few un-powered members of the Avengers. Born in 1984 in Stalingrad she was trained as a child in assignation, espionage, and martial arts by the KGB.

While Natasha died recently, she is starting in a prequel film about her early life that is slated for release, 7th May 2021.

  • Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a The Bride a.k.a The Black Mumba
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The title character of the epic revenge saga written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. The Bride is a skilled martial artist, sword fighter and assassin. A founding member of the Deadly viper assassination squad. She was trained by the legendary Monk Pia Mei, as well as daily with her partner “Bill”.

Not only skilled in Kung fu and the sword, but the bride saves her own life after being buried alive with a once inch punch and dispatches Bill with the fabled five point palm exploding heart technique.


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