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Travel: 3 of the Best Covid-safe Holidays

To say this situation has gone on a lot longer than we thought is a massive understatement. At the beginning of January, my father cancelled a European trip and now it seems like it will be another year at least before we are comfortable to travel by plane again. The great thing about the UK and England is that there are so many great travel spots within driving distance. Now with the different Tiers, France and Germany closing their borders. We wonder where, if anywhere we can relax and escape to.


UK internal tourism has changed in the last few months. At the start of the outbreak, many places were closed to business and tourists. They wanted to stay safe from the virus and had heavy restrictions in place. Now it’s a different story. Many pubs, cafes, and restaurants in smaller tourist towns have spent a lot of money to become Covid safe and now need to attract business. They need the income to stay afloat and as a result, many deals are to be had. It’s often see many Restaurants have deals during the week to keep custom high.

The Cotswolds as you might well know is a series of towns and villages, when people picture the English country-side they are often imagine quintessentially english towns and villages of the Cotswolds. Some of the prettiest towns are Bourton-on-the-water, Burford, and Cirencester, which is home to the church of St. John the Baptist. If you want to help keep these towns alive and thriving. Then an internal trip can be a great use of your funds. Airbnb is now Covid safe.


Whitstable is a small sea-side town on the north coast of Kent. As an Australian who’s experience of the oldest man-made building is Captain cook’s Cottage,Whitstable is the perfect seaside town. While the biggest attraction in Whitstable is the sea-side, boats and pier. It also has lots of shops, galleries, and places to visit. While many sites list it as a day trip only. If you find the time to stay, it’s a great place to relax.


As far as Covid restrictions, Cornwall is still the UK and while it’s a five-hour drive from London it’s got the same Tier 2 level as London. That means venues will still be open, pubs, restaurants, cafes, but you may have to book in advance. Cornwall has many actual sand beaches, great places to eat and drink, and has some very nice views. It has some great little towns and if you like things like boat trips, walks on the coast and pasties, this is for you.

If you like quaint ancient fishing villages then PolPerro is great, it has tens of places to eat and drink and gladly has very wide roads that are for people only. The only issue with travel in a Covid world is the people. It’s hard to get space when the only travel people can do is internal. Cornwall is a great place to visit but if you are going somewhere very popular, like Port Isaac, then it may be very busy.

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