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Who is the Scarlet witch?

Since i first watched the x-Men cartoon, i always liked the Scarlet witch. Maybe because like the juggernaut she was magic and not a mutant, maybe it was her stupid costume, maybe because she could fly. Whatever the reason, i have always liked her. So i was glad to see the story arc she (Elizebeth Olsen) has made in the MCU.

Here it is with spoilers. Based on films and TV shows, not comics, i know she’s magnetos daughter in them.

Wanda Maximoff

Born in Sokovia, Wanda and her twin brother we’re orphaned by a bomb blast that kills her parents. They spends days staring at a Stark branded bomb that fail to go off. She is radicalized and submits to a bit of human experimentation at the hands of Hydra. By exposure to the mind stone she triggers her innate powers which to begin with are mind control and not much more. Later on she is refered to as “witch” but unlike Dr.strange she is unaware of her magic use.

We are introduced to her in The Avengers: The age of Ultron. She and her brother try to help Ultron, but end up joining the Avengers when she reads this mind and finds out his plans for humanity (genocide). She turns from one of the weakest in the MCU to one of the strongest. Based mostly on pain and rage. Anything bad that can happen to her does.

Wanda’s tragic history

  1. Parents killed in front of her
  2. Twin Brother killed by Ultron
  3. Vision (AI robot Husband) killed by Thanos
  4. Sokovia destroyed by Ultron, any family would have been killed.
  5. Agatha Harkness (witch) tries to kill her

Marvel films – Phase 3-4. (spoilers)

After fighting Ultron she is much more team Captain America than anything. Vision an AI robot man has been made by Stark and with the rest of the Avengers beats Ultron. Wanda and Vision, join new Avengers with Falcon and the Winter soldier (bucky).

She helps Captain America in his fight against Tony Stark in Captain America: civil war. Tony is racked with guilt over some random dude killed in sokovia but no-one mentions all the Maximoff’s that no doubt died, she was born there and Thor blew it up. When the Avengers break up she and vision, go off for two years.

In Avenger: Infinity war. We find Wanda and Vision, living life and having fun around the world. Vision has the Mind stone in his head and Thanos wants it. His lackeys try attack him and try take it, she beats them down with the help of Captain America.

Thanos kills Vision to get the Mind stone and then goes click. In Avengers: End Game, the Avengers go back and steal the stones before Thanos gets them and save everyone. Wanda almost beats Thanos in a grief powered rage attack and is stronger than him, with magic vs muscle. He calls down a fire ship attack to escape her.

Sadly with the death of Iron man, no one thinks about poor Vision. Because he was killed prior to the Snap he wasn’t resurrected by Stark. If Wanda wants her robot AI husband back she has to do it herself.


WandaVision is the first Marvel Tv show by Disney, if you remember Netflix did some awesome shows. In the form of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke cage and The Punisher. Iron fist was lame. So disney who bought Marvel and pulled production. So we had to hope the new shows are good. The first one is.

Powers – as of WandaVision season 1

  1. Can fly through telekinesis
  2. Stronger than Thanos telekinesis
  3. Change victim reality -worst nightmare
  4. Can read minds
  5. Alter reality of thousands of people

In WandaVision we find wanda in a 50’s sitcom world with vision and two children. She has mind controlled thousands of people and changed the appearance of reality to a better 50’s version. She was unaware she’d even done it.

She is revealed by the witch Agatha Harkness as the Scarlet witch a being created from chaos and accused of practicing witchcraft. At the end of season finale she flies off, having ended her control of the town and seek to find the source of her power.

Whats next for wanda?

Clearly the story of Wanda will continue on in Dr.Strange: Mulitverse of madness. Given she want to learn about magic and Agatha Harkness said “You’re more powerful than the sorecr sepreme” she may be a villian in the story. She often an Anti-hero and while she is an avenger, she also just brain washed thousands of people.

Given she’s a grief power machine, it wouldn’t surprise if she dark phonixed Dr.Strange and locked him in some dark multiverse. Just as easily Marvel might keep her as a hero and have her save him from some kind of chaos realm and the new enemies they introduce. Ie. Mephisto.

Who can beat the Scarlet Witch?

Much like some Omega level mutants she shows mind control beats being strong. She turned the Hulks power against himself and made him smash an innocent city. Likewise she beat Thanos physically but could beat anyone by trapping them mentally in their worst nightmare. She can beat Dr.strange but he has the time stone and she can’t beat that.

I like Wanda and hope she stays good, but at the very least Disney plus have proved they can make a good show. Up next is Loki and his alternative time line adventures.

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