My books

I’ve written three full series, each with three parts, and the star of a new series. Right now i have 6 books on amazon. Not including, audio and translations. Here they are.


Dark Gods: One – Take the body – FREE

A young northern soldier. A pact with an ancient god. What could go wrong?

Seth, a young soldier is sold into slavery by a corrupt city watch. In order to escape he is forced into a pact with an ancient wolf-like demon, an old god of his people’s past. Through its ‘gifts’ he gains the skills, memories and knowledge of those he kills, but at a high price.

Now the Dark Guild, the creature’s old masters seek to find him and kill him. They must regain his stolen memories and end this threat to their secrecy.

The powerful guild has members in the nobles and rulers of the land, and paid blades at every corner. Seth must fight through them all, as he struggles with his new found powers and against the blood lust that his dark alliance brings.




Dark Gods: Two – Take the Darkness $2.99

Leaping headlong into a portal to the land of the dead. What could go wrong?

To rescue his friends and new army from the overwhelming forces of the Duke of twin plains, Seth takes himself and the Duke through a portal to the land of the dead.
He expected bad, but he didn’t expect broken.

Not the place he’d been told of in bedtime stories, a place of souls crossing over to judgement.

Instead he finds a world of endless darkness, snow and cold. Of humans turned into ravenous beasts from madness, black dogs of the guild and a strange race of people called ‘the moon children’. Pale bloated and horrid, their leader possessed of the gift of a silver tongue.

He struggles to restore the sun in an epic battle against an army of dark creatures, again his only allies in this plain, the Wolvern, the darkest of them all, and Serafina, the dark Guild leader he banished here.



Dark Gods: Three – Take my Heart – $2.99

A land of the Gods judgement. Two blood drenched heroes. The last journey home

Seth and Seraphina, now closer than ever, realize to leave the Land of the Dead they must travel on further to the realm of judgement. Unknown to Seth that by restoring the sun he had angered the first of all god like beings, one of pure fear. It has been planning it’s escape for eons and his coming is the trigger that could ruin or redeem it all.

He travels to judgement to undertake the Northern trials and prove he is worth returning to the world of the living, but every challenge is harder and his new unknown foe is waiting to strike.

Meanwhile in the Land of the sun. Seth’s friends, Goldie, the Reds, Grimm and the Wolvern, fight battles of their own. They face the new threat of the ‘order of the learned’ and must stop them from destroying the Gods powers on earth and thus creating a new world of fear and endless night.


Vicky Vs the Spriggan: $0.99

You thought spriggans were only in skryrim?

Vicky thought when doing her three months farm work in QLD, the worst thing would be spiders and sunburn. She was wrong. A dark creature stalks the farm, killing all who break the rules of nature. The spriggan, has awoken and it won’t sleep again til it has cleansed it’s grove of all defilers.










StormBreather -One Prisoners and Pirates – 2.99

Talon: Taken by ostian slaver master at age five hassi, was trained to be a talon, a personal bodyguard to his wealthy young master. Now the rebellion has been and failed. Pirate captain Talon, as he is now styled seeks revenge on the ostian fleet and keeping the fight alive.


Jasonne: Kept a prisioner by the cartians her entire life, used as a weapon, a ship destoryer, she believes she is the last storm breather, a monster. Yet she yearns to be free and try escape the rage of the storm.

Enrik: The sealord, the king of tuskani, captain of the dragon fleet. He has carved his name in blood and pain. Enrik learns he is not the only breather, a fact he cannot abide.




                  Stormblood – Two – Prisoners & Pirates – $2.99

Dragged under the waves by the water wraiths, talons only hope lies in his new friends and their strange gods. He is at the mercy of the wraiths and if he escapes, he is still deep in tuckani landed.

Jasonne has aslso been captured by enrick himself and muist frewe herself. She comes to realise though only 14 the hope of her estranged peple lies in her hands. She is stormblood and the olny other who can rule in his place. First seh’ll have to escape and defeat him in single combat.





The third Stormy is getting editted. I’ve just finished my newest series, which is called “Ghost of the living” and i’ts going to be awesome.


If you need a cover like these, my team can do them for $50 USD.