Novels into Scripts

If you think your book would make an awesome film, one of the best ways to do this, unless, you happen to be Steven king or George.r.r.r.r.martin, is to write it yourself or pay someone to do it.


It’s a lot easier to get a film made from a script than from a book, also if you can point to 20k downloads of said book to back it up, you’re once again ahead of the curve because you have an already interested fan base. You might even be able to crowdfund the production!


When it comes to turning a novel into a script, when you hire someone, you need to hire someone, well like me. You need a person who has done a lot of novels in your field. ie. fantasy, sci-fi, romance and has turned them into scripts.

Novels are very different from screen plays, they aren’t just a version of your book with no description and written in present tense. You need to translate story telling techniques that exist in novels, into film.


I use a lot of personal narrative, first person and streams of thought. This is great in a book, well i like it, but unless your film has a voice over. It won’t work, thus you have to get around it.


Here is an example:



David looked in the mirror as he washed the fresh blood off of his hands. He thought of what he’d done, the life he’d taken, and was surprised to find, he just didn’t care.



Int. Bathroom- Night

David looks at himself in the mirror.

His hands are covered with blood, which he washes off.

Cut to

Ext. Alleyway – Night.

David stabs a homeless man.

Face blank as he does.

Cut Back

Int. Bathroom – night

His hands are clean.

David (to himself)

I’m hungry.



This could be handled in a lot of ways, and if you have a good actor, you don’t need words to show they don’t care, but you get the idea.


As mentioned i enjoy turning books into movies and i can do it for you. The major thing i offer, is revisions. You need someone who will not only keep the spirit of your characters and book, but who will revise it, to make it perfect for you.

This service is cheaper than you may think, as i’m pretty bloody good at it. Prices start from $500 USD, for a feature length novel, with three revisions. A book can also do well as a TV series. I’m turning my series “Ghost of the living” into shows. They can be done cheaper per script, as most TV scripts are about 50 pages. Normally a pilot ids enough, or if you’re going for netfilx, like me, you’ll need a season.

Shortly i’ll add my book and the script adaption, of “Vicky Vs the Spriggan” so you can have a look.