The son of William, Robert Makepeace (senior) ran the business with his partner Richard Carter. One can see from the UK Poll records at the time in 1768, Robert Makepeace senior is listed as a Goldsmith living in Serle St. Later in 1798 Poll he is listed, along with his son Robert junior.

To be a Goldsmith one had to apprentice for many years. Make your mark in the book and be accepted by the correct trade guilds. The Makepeace family seemed strong in training the new generation and in their 60 years at the helm, 6 Makepeace fathers, sons, grandfathers and Cousins, worked in the business.


  • Father: William Makepeace
  • Mother: Mary Makepeace
  • Born/christened: 25th Sept 1733
  • Lived/employment: Goldsmith, apprentice to Haldanby
  • Married: Margaret Jepson, 17th March 1759
  • Children: Robert Makepeace Jnr (may 17th 1759)
  • Died: 1779

Jewellery of the period: Late Georgian

The UK, England, and London itself was still under the guidance and control of the male line of kings. In this time the Memento Mori tradition began to wane, but morning jewellery was extremely popular. For woman one could often see silver charm bracelets. Featuring miniature household items such as scissors, thimbles, tweezers, and for men jewelled buttons and shoe buckles became the height of fashion. Possibly one of the most quintessential of Georgian jewels was the suite or parure as it was known. Typically made in gold and often showcasing techniques such as repoussé and later cannetille work, they would be set with gems such as topaz, amethyst and aquamarine which were frequently foiled in the same manner as the paste jewels either to enhance their colour or just to add brightness.

Exerpt: English gold workers and plateworkers – 1849

1777. — Robert Makepeace, goldsmith, first entered his name as 
plate worker in partnership with Richard Carter in 1777. Tn 1794 
he was in partnership with Thomas Makepeace, in Serle Street, 
Lincoln's Inn, and alone at the same house in 179-3. He died 1801. 
leaving in money to the Goldsmiths' Company £177 lis. Od. 


Birth of son: May 17th 1759

Uk Poll: House – job- 1769- Robert Makepeace – Goldsmith – serle st

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