Currently i am turning my new series,” Ghosts of the living” into scripts. It will be an eight part series, for the first season. I’ve currently written four of them. They are about 45 pages each. Here are four free chapters on inkitt.

Ghosts Of The Living: Fallen Angels – Free Short Story by Julius Schenk

Born cursed at birth, Genevieve can see the memories of other in all she touches and where she goes, now she must use her god given power and faith to help fight the rise of demonic influence



Infected: – Feature length

Miracle GM crops are creating an outbreak of the “infected” . Dead humans controlled by the “Gordian Worms” that infect many of us now (30%) Ren, a private investigator must track the outbreak and stop it if he can stay alive long enough. Thriller, meets horror.

I’ll put this up tomorrow, not that anyone is reading this.