Spec writing

When i was a twenty something years old and i started writing, i said to myself, i never want to write for anyone else. I wanted to do novels, sell them on Amazon and make a living. Yet as i’ve written more and more, i’ve come to realize what i like most about writing, is writing.


I like creating new characters, stories, plots and worlds. What i don’t like is worrying about my keywords, hustling for sales and doing an endless, i mean bloody endless series of marketing pushes to get my sales as high as that for the latest “werewolf shifter billionaire bad boy urban fantasy” novel, that is smashing my category.


So what do i do? i write spec. I like it. The other day, i got paid  to do a 2,000 word short story about an arse kicking santa who rescues a  girl on Christmas and kills some vampires. I’ve done lots of post-apoc stuff, game scripts, zombies and even articles. I like this stuff because i like writing and i can earn my rent and smokes money doing it and hey it’s all practice. I can knock out 2,000 words in my sleep. It’s also fun to do thinks you normally don’t. I love sci-fi but don’t write it much, but for paid jobs, and it’s awesome.


So I’m happy to write for you, a vague idea is good, but none is ok. I can also bulk up what you have done. I normally charge $20 USD per 1,000 words, but it’s negotiable on the project. If i like it and want to write it, we’ll work something out. Drop me a line if you need something fast.