Things started off simply. I wrote a christian fantasy book and i started to think, why are there so few christian authors? why are there so few christian films and tv shows? why are we 20% of the population and making around 2% of the media?

I will keep writing. My series “Ghost of the Living,” will be a five part series and i am working on the scripts, to try get it made, but in the mean-time i am also running a meet-up group for creative Christians, planning on making a TV show, doing video blogs now, and building web platforms for churches and evangelists. I am also self employed.

I often hear in church things like “put god first,” now some people say this just before they ask you to tithe. Giving is good and well worth it, but much like you, my income is the least of my assets, my time, energy and abilities are worth a lot more. If you have some skills, please use them for God. Maybe you write, create, sing, whatever, use it.

If you want to get involved drop me a line, i am happy to hear from any Christians who want to get the good news out to people in a new and engaging way.

My Books: