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10 free places to Post SEO content

So you’re a freelance content creator and your client has paid you to write a few blog posts for them. You pick some good keywords and write “Is now a good time to buy a Rolex”. Now you and i both know that posting only to their blog and Mailchimp list will help 50-60%, it will boost relevance and keep the list happy but it’s very good practice to have places to re-post to and get more back links.

Here are some free favorites. Just sign up and start posting. Most support just cut and paste from a WordPress blog, images, video and all.

Linkedin Docs – 2m views a month

Linkedin docs is free and very easy to use. You should have a profile anyway and the good thing is the articles get linked to your profile and show up when applying for jobs and connections. It’s as easy as clicking “write article” and going for it. Given Linkedin has a lot more views than you’re clients site, you’d be crazy not to post here.

Tip: Share the post to twitter using #content

Medium – 53k Views a month

There is a lot to like about medium. It’s free, they give you a nice profile at the side with a photo, text,live links and a nice sub-domain name. They support Youtube video, images and HTML in the text. When re-posting the title is one of your most important features. Medium give you some good code.

Vocal -1.5 m views a month

Vocal is a bit different in that they pay you for views of your content. They also have a look before your post and approve it. So some trash you cobbled together from wiki is no good. I like to post Fiction lists and that is fine, even images from the net and book blurbs from amazon. spend 10 -15 mins to re-edit, so you page is nice. Vocal is good and growing. Free sign up and the possibility of payment if your post hits home, but don’t expect to much if it’s about garden furniture.

Substack – 80k views a month

Substack is actually a free newsletter management tool. It pays you for people who subscribe to your newsletter and sends the articles to anyone who has signed up, as well as posts to a Sub domain page. If you write about the same thing over and over this is best (music, film) , or just have a page that is the work of a content writer. Easy to cut and paste WordPress, images too.

WordPress 1.6M view a month

As a content writer and part time webbuilder, i love wordpress. Now i have a hosted blog i use and indeed wordpress is always my go to. That being said they will give you a free blog and let you post to it. The reason this is great is you can just use code editor and paste your blog, images, video, links, formatting and all into this. Free and popular.

Make your blog about you the freelance content writer, or create blogs about client things like business success.

Conclusion: These sites are great for fast posting and have no real criteria on sign up, all are free and an SEO can post to five more sites in less than an hour, also remember to charge the client for it. Now we have five great sites you’ll have to apply to, but it can be worth it. Think about making a word list on your desktop and alway re-post to them.

Guest posting – Link Building

For some clients, they want a good article that reader can enjoy. Others just want a link or two from a high traffic site. Often the easy way to get a link is to guest post a blog. Do a google search for “Blog for us” or “write for us” and you’ll find hundreds of sites that want guest blogs. Content is king in 2021 and personally i’d prefer to guest post for free and sell the links, than work for $15 a 1500 post.

We recommend: The free keyword tool and site traffic reporter and chrome plugin. Keyword surfer. This will tell you monthly traffic a blog gets, and what it’s worth to you. Here are five of the best.

Prowritingaid – Target: writers

Prowritingaid is a tool much like spell checker on riods or grammarly, which helps authors write better. They have a very busy blog and will also send an email to members (115,000). The great thing about them is writers are the target here. So if you need to reach writers this is for you. They like articles about.

  • The writing process
  • Blogging and content writing
  • How to use PWA
  • Grammar rules
  • Writing apps

Visit the website, look at some articles and send in a link. If they accept you’ll also get PWA free for a year. I’d recommend sending a full article.

Rankwatch – Target: SEO & Digi marketing

Rankwatch is a very popular and information filled blog that focuses on SEO’s digital marketers. While they do accept articles from any source, expect 50% to be rejected. They like articles about the google search algorithm and the technical side of SEO. Read the blog first and think, could i write this? If you’re a digital marketer, these people are your peers, so be careful.

Send a full article, not a pitch.

Getresponse – Target: SMB

Getresponse is a mailing list company, much like mailchimp. The great thing is they have heaps of business customers and you can get in front of them. They are the people who need content writers.

They like articles about email marketing, SEO tips, social stuff. You can send them an idea and if they like it, then you write it. Unpublished work only. These guys are good if you want to write about marketing but less high brow and technical than Rankwatch.

Send an article pitch and links to other work. They have a lot of customers so try post to them once a week or so. They are good for building your marketing business.

WhatCulture – Target: entertainment

If you like writing about film, superheros, marvel, tv, netflix. Then this is for you. Whatculture is one of the best opportunities for freelance writers we know of. Not only will they post your articles on a very high traffic site. They will pay you a share of it’s reads.

Recently i wrote ” Top 5 – Free female comedy on BBC Iplayer” This is a great fit for the site. The client, Iplayer, gets a link for a high traffic site. They get hundreds of people reading about shows on their platform and clicking on them. I get paid by them for every person that view it. I also get exsure as the writer and my freelance writing business increases.

Haro – Target : The world

While “Help a Reporter out” is not really a guest blogging opportunity. It is a link building opportunity, and can give you access to Journalists and Bloggers of a higher level. HARO is a free email you can get three time a day, that lists the articles people are writing, what they need to help them and what they will give.

Eg. How to get a Mortgage? (best company)

i am looking for answers to the following questions on how to
get a mortgage. 1. How do you choose a mortgage loan type? What
is the most common type of mortgage loan and why? 2. How do you
choose a mortgage lender? What should you look out for? 3. Any
other insights on mortgages? (eg. how to qualify)


Mortgage and/or real estate experts only.

So you do content for a mortgage broker and he gives a good response they can publish. This mortgage broker is not only quoted in this aarticlke, but has a link from the best company site to his.

Conclusion: if you are a content creator, do yourself a favor and sign up to these free sites and try find a list of 5 -10 good sites to guest blog. Remember google loves a link.

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