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Alpha via Zoom

Recently i did the 11 week Alpha course via Zoom and i decided to write a bit about my experience. I know in Lock-down a few of us can’t be involved in the groups we used to and some might be think of doing an online Alpha.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is an interactive course of videos and discussions ranging in various christian topics from “is god real”, “what is evil” and many aspects of faith. From my course i’d say about 70% of people were Christians but this seemed high and they work hard to make everyone feel welcome. It is clear the idea is to encourage non-christian to join, with an open mind and be given a view of what modern Christians think.

Why did i join?

I have been a Christian for five year or so and i would describe myself as very cynical and also quite questioning. I wanted to join because i wanted to see what is was like and also to see if i could answer some questions i had. I realize it is run by HGB church and Nicky Gumball there head guy features a lot in the videos. I go to Hillsong and won’t be changing but it was good to see that other churches are cool too.

My experience

Other people might have a different experience, but this is my blog and i write what i want. I loved the experience and had two things i wanted to report. One, i found out my faith was a lot stronger than i thought. Two, the social aspect of meeting other youngish and cool Christians was great.

I am an odd guy, who loves fantasy and punk rock. Yet i saw that while i like to think about angels flying around in space and i ask myself what does god look like. I think maybe like the milky way. It’s not weak faith, i just like to think of these things. I always thought of strong faith as blind faith, but it’s not. I can believe and also want to know if angels sleep.

Christian friends

I am an Aussie in the UK and i haven’t made too many friends other than my wife. So the Alpha group was great for the social side. You don’t talk much, but i think if someone prays for you it does make you close. I think often in this modern world we don’t talk often about our faith. One girl said she worked in the NHS which was very secular, so it was nice to be able to talk freely about what is central to you.

Now the course has finished, we are still going to meet and talk. I personally like Zoom and am getting more and more used to it. I feel people of the “Covid generation” will always be more likely to use video calls and work from home.

Who Should do Alpha?

I think any non-christian who wants to know more about it, and has been drawn to it. It is a great way to find out more, but be aware they will pray for you. I also think people like me gain from it. So if you have questions, you should join. Course details can be found here. Do Alpha online.

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