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Christian media

I am a born again, i have been a christian for about two years and i think that has helped me realize we live in a world where the christian world view is often pushed aside. I often think of TV, Film, books and the like and almost everything seems to slowly work away at our faith. Also we are under-represented. If the world is 20% Christians, there is no way 20% of media is as well.

Recently i was watching “an idiot abroad’ again and now i here just how much he blasphemes, in shows people do it all the time. A lot of shows either subtly or not so subtle attack us and worse make it hard for non-Christians to give us a chance. The over ridding view of Christians in film and TV is we are mostly harmless idiots like Sheldon’s mother in big bang.

I am a christian writer and i feel being part of the media machine is one of the best things we can do right now. The movie “The cabin,” would have had much more effect than going door to door and engaging people. I believe as Christians the new evangelism in not just preaching, it is creating media, music, art and of course books.

Amazon has almost 32 million books for sale, and of those 90,000 are christian. If you’re a christian author or a creative type do get involved with one of my groups.

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