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Fear of being uncool

Recently our pastor at Hillsong bermondsey, phil asked the question, what did we need to let go of. What old anger were we holding on to, what old bad behaviors, what way of interacting with the world.

I came to see the biggest thing for me is being cynical and having a real fear of being a sucker. I am a born again christian but you won’t see me with both hands raised and i like Hillsong music but some of the songs are too lively. My favorite bands are the Ramones, Rancid and the Real Mckenzies but that different. It might be a left over from high school but is still worry about being cool even though i am a married man of 38.

The word cool is dangerous, i think it really means cynical. Ricky gervais is considered cool but he’s far from a good looking man and seem to have little drive, but he’s “cool” because he doubts things and insults them.

If you tried hard you were a loser but not caring or trying is cool. I see how i get tricked by the world because i do care what people think of me and i won’t embarrass myself and i don’t even like people to notice me. Because of this i feel sometimes i don’t talk about my faith or express it as a want.

What i am trying to say is we are not cool. Jesus was not cool. Because he was smart, kind and thoughtful. Most Christians i know, especially those raised in the faith are not cool at school, they do well in class, care about others, try hard. Yet there is something better than being “cool” and that’s being awesome.

They are good at everything they do, because they practice. They smash all exams because they study and they are good friends and partners because they care. Don’t worry about not being “cool” you’re a child of God and that is way better!

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