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If God is so good why does life suck?

(Recently i joined Alpha and these were some questions, i didn’t shove my opinion down throats at the time but will now, that’s what my blog is for!!)

A lot of people, both Christians and not struggle with this. If God is all love and so nice and powerful why is life so awful. I think the better question is how much of it is caused by God.

Can God really be blamed when a young family is killed in a car accident?

He didn’t invent cars , drunk drivers, iphones and it was their free-will to drive on that day. He could have stopped it, but should he stop all accidents, just Christians? Just those who pray for a safe journey. I have seen the movie “Minority report” in it, they stop criminals based on crimes they will do in the future. Would you want to be stopped from a crime before you did it? I think most people want the chance not to be shit.

What about war and murder?

Their is actual a commandment “though shall not kill,” it’s actually a rule, don’t kill, so how can God be blamed if we do? Because he gave us free will? we are Gods children not his slaves. I’m sure he looks down at what we do to each other and is horrified. I am sure he hates when people suffer and die, with no need. Just because you know what will happen, doesn’t mean, you approve of it.

Why are we here?

One girl asked “why are we here,” all seems meaningless to her. I think humans are here for two reasons.1: to prove to god he wants us in heaven 2: To love and be loved.

Modern humans are pretty self centered and I assume a lot of people think they are here to enjoy life and that is all. They may say enjoy life while not hurting anyone, but that’s just not actively hurting them, not helping much.

It’s weird to think how would you behave if this was all a test to see if God will let you into heaven. He tested Job and Jesus had a life of suffering and rejection, God certainly didn’t make him super lucky, or powerful. I believe we are saved from grace not our good work, because again people get carried away with rules and thinking they are awesome, but I also think we are here on earth to make other people happy.

Why is life good for me, but sh*t for others?

It is clear being poor is awful and the virus and lock down has hit the poor harder by far. If you have four kids in a flat with no garden it sucks. Then ad worry about food and education. How do you teach from home when you have one computer between four? But is this God’s fault? This is human suffering caused by poverty and greed. IBM/Intel/Apple/Amazon could afford to give every child a computer when they hit high school, but why would they. People may say, you can’t help everyone and everything, but i think you can try.

If we are made in Gods image why are we evil?

I’m not evil and I know that from a young age I had a real sense of right and wrong, middle class guilt. Now I see it was the holy spirit guiding me but subtly. What part of us is gods’ image? Not the way we look. I think we look as we need to survive on earth. Our free will or immortal soul. To quote that dragon from Skyrim “What is better – to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?”

Jesus was all good but he had free-will and could have been all bad. Next time your going to blame God about things, think, did he actually do this? Knowing what will happen is far from causing it.

Why doesn’t God destroy the Devil?

I struggle with this and i have written this ten times and deleted it. Damn this is good for clarity. I think i have gotten there. 1. It’s doing the job it was built for. If he knew what would happen by making this awesome angel, he knew he would go on tempting people like Job, Jesus, you and me. Temptation is ok, God wants to see if we can handle it. Jesus himself was tested, why shouldn’t we be?

2. Maybe he loves him a bit. I am assume every maker loves the creation even if it’s shit. Lucifer was called the Morning star, meant to be so beautiful he turned vain. Also we’re imperfect and dodgy creations and we’d be pretty upset if God destroyed us, even slugs need love.

I like to ramble as you can tell, so please send me message and i’ll try give you what i think.

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