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Mistakes made – Money lost

The problem with learning as you trade is lessons cost money. I had to learn something dumb can work out well once, by luck, but that doesn’t mean it will again. I am sure that how many will view my trading style!

Once about a month ago, i saw Amazon was due to have their Q2 Earnings after market, i assumed it would be great and everyone would buy. So before close i bought 2,000 * 5 a very scary investment for me. The news comes in they rocked it and the pre-market bought, so when the market opened my shares jumped up 5%. This was about $500 after some losses during the day. It all worked, so i think this is a great plan, but it’s not.

The market is insane

The stock exchange is not a sane person, it is crazy. It will do things for reasons you can’t guess. I lost money on Etsy, Alibaba, Vipstore, Macy’s and more. A good earning might still drop if it’s not good enough or it’s already over-sold. The tactic i now use is buy on my test account, stocks i like and stocks with earnings last night and that morning. If they are going up i buy and if they go down i watch.

Etsy, Nvidia, alibaba, all had one shit day and then rocked. Idiots like me lost money and proper traders waited and bought low. Now we have zoom and it moved by 40% which is insane, so i think i should be in it again, so tonight i will try something new.

Crowd sense

Docusign might go well, they have after close earnings and are riding the work at home thing, but they have also got very well until now, which is bad. Zoom did well because it was treated like shit for ages then people realised it was awesome. Now tonight at around 8pm i will buy Docu. If it’s a good idea, other will and it will go up. If it goes up i will hold, if it drops i will sell, i will update this tomorrow.

I don’t think anyone is reading this but it’s good for me.

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