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Netflix – The Dragon Prince

Recently aired was the finale of season three of “The Dragon Prince” which brought to a close an awesome three season arc, here i am going to talk the show and why i think it’s great, if you don’t want spoilers then just go watch it, not that i really has spoilers.

The Dragon Prince

The story line. A young prince (Ezran), his brother (Callum) and a moon shadow elf (Rayla) have to take the egg of the dragon prince from it’s hidden location in the human lands to the magical side of Zadia, their country. They plan to give the egg back to the dragon queen and thus end the war between humans, dragons and elves.


As a plot it’s strong and i’m sure a lot of it wrote itself, the three protagonist have to go through a lot to reach the queen and have to fight people chasing them, face dragons, some flying elves and more. There is good development with Callum who learn magic, as the first human to do so, and Rayla grows as a person/elf too.

The show tries to be funny and often is, sometimes they try too hard but 90% of the time it is. It is light hearted and the main characters are ones you like. Also it it very well drawn and they have done very well with the voices. It’s quite easy to stop seeing it as animated and just find yourself lost in the story. But they had me at magic, elves and dragons.

Claudia: Dark Mage

There is also “Dark Magic” which i find fascinating and have stolen for my own books. It’s basically using magic of creatures to effect. Like a unicorns horn. The thing that is interesting is it is frowned upon and called “dark magic,” but to my mind eating a cow is worse than killing a magic moth. Claudia their former friend and now hunter is a great character and her use of magic vs Callums creates a great counter-point.

As a writer myself one thing that drives me mad is when shows don’t explain magic. This does. Creatures have a connection with the primal sources of magic. Ralya is a moon shadow elf, thus to learn magic. Callum has to understand the source.

This is animated, but in English so it looks real and if you like anime this is one of the best around. Also it has 27 episode in this series arc so it’s great to binge. Find it on Netflicks and lets hope more season are coming.

Christians: features magic but it is a corrupting force except for “pure” magic that is primal but i think it is more than fine as it’s about friendship and being a good person. This is clearly fantasy and set in a different world to this.

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