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Recently i've had that experience where you have a few shows your watching, some songs, some thoughts and suddenly you get this idea that makes you think something new.

I’m part of this new online group that is doing the prayer course. In it we talked about Gods timeline begin different from ours and unanswered prayer.

I have this thing called Cerebral ataxia, which now makes me unable to carry drinks, i have very poor balance and it’s getting worse. I used to do parkour. Now i need to hold the rail on stairs. I pray for it to be healed and then i think we’ll it;s not that bad. I mean it’s not mental and everyone gets cancer or worse. Still in 20 years i’ll be like my mother and slur a bit and walk with a frame. It sucks.

My thought is now patience. Recently i have seen a Louis Theroux doco and that Black Mirror episode “San Junipero”. Both were about euthanasia, people taking the poison way out of a dud body situation.

In Black mirror, it’s mad this poor lady was quadriplegic for like 60 years and then they invent this VR world you can live in. Shes a non-believer, so no heaven for her, but by waiting 60 years she got a new lease on life. Imagine if she’d pulled the plug in the 80’s? i mean technology and medicine has advanced a lot. Imagine from 2020 – 2050 it will be mad, a really good VR world for sure.

Imagine the advances in medicine they might make in 20 years? My think is quite like a less bad parkinsons. So maybe Micheal,j,fox has helped me, or maybe i’ll get a VR rehab program. I think what i’m trying to say is wait. Life could be bad right now, but it won’t be bad forever.

I pray for healing a lot and maybe God has already done it, it might just take 20 years for the idea to be made by human hands.

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