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Why i don’t buy the day before earnings

Once if you can believe it. I bought amazon the day before earnings. It jumped up 5% and i made a tiny little sum. Now it scares me to think of that. So much risk on the hunch they had done well in crono, even after spending billions in their workplaces. I then thought this was a great idea and i tried it more. Etsy down, alibaba down, nvidia down, domino down. I almost got johntson and johnston but stopped myself.

The crazy thing is they also have a trial cancelled today. The bad new is not just earnings. If you’re like me and your a new croro virus made day trader, it’s a learn by mistake process. I come to find prices can drop even on good news. Now i am trying a buy on good news. I will try “Blackrock” they are up 4.5% in pre-market.

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