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William Makepeace & George Walford 1837 – 1849

William Makepeace and George Walford Ensured the business had reclaimed anything it had lost in trust and prestige. Their name is well known today, and they supplied many good to the upper class, such as the Sibley family. One must imagine doing well in the world of jewellery, certainly at the time, reputation was especially important.

  • William Makepeace Jnr
  • Father: Robert Makepeace
  • Mother: Elizebeth Makepeace
  • Christened: 25 AUG 1793
  • Lived/employment: Goldsmith
  • Married: 18 May 1819, Mary Craig
  • Children: George Walford
  • Died: 1877

  • George Walford
  • Father: George Walford
  • Mother: unknown
  • Born/christened: 1808
  • Lived/employment: Goldsmith
  • Married: Ellen Marie Walford
  • Children:
  • Died: 28 Feb 1859

17th oct 1837, a tradesman digging in a backyard discovered a horde of coin. In a particularly good piece of free publicity, the crown employed the firm of Makepeace to verify its value.

Mr George Walford, of the firm of Makepeace and Walford of Serle Street, Lincoln’s-inn-fields, silversmiths, and jewellers, stated that he attended on behalf of the crown, for the purpose of examining the coins in question, which he had done, and found it to weigh 118 ounces, one pennyweight, and one grain, the value of it being £454 10s. 6d

This goes to show the firm and the business had been fully restored in reputation and standing by the steady hand of the Makepeace family.


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