SEO Articles



SEO as many of you know stands for (search Engine optimization)  and it is the fine art of getting your site to rank high in a Google search for a set term.

If you want to be top five when someone searches “Bromley Church” then you have two options. You pay for google ad words and buy your way in. Or you engage in a little SEO.

SEO Articles:

The best way to do this is have fresh content on your website in the form of articles that are relevant, researched and keyword heavy. This is not just a blog post but an actual article,things like “Top five christian books of 2019” or “The Queen and the church” these will draw people to your site and have your ranking better.


Adwords is PPC (pay-per-click) strategy that does guarantee your position on Google,  only last as long as your budget and is often used by not spoken of. If someone says they will give you top spot on google, ask how, chances are they are changing you to run your ads, not using the whole budget on the ads and don’t know your customers half as well as you. If you’d like to explore PPC or you are already paying for it, we are happy to do an audit to ensure your not getting ripped off.

Here is an example article i wrote about the new Rolex to give you an idea. I can write articles for your site, which you will own and link to the site you like for £50 pounds for a fully researched and print ready piece that is between 500-700 words long.

Rolex release for 2019: Yacht Master 42