When it comes to facebook there are a few things business want to take advantage of, the first is that any business can get a free page, highlighting there business or start a free group, the second is their awesome PPC platform.

Facebook Page: 

Given it’s free to host and maintain and can bring you business even if you do very little it’s a no-brainer to get  a page and put some contact details up. A facebook page at the least will act as your online business card when a customer has lost the real one. If you decide you don’t need a website at very least get one of these, we will set up your nam, custom logo, header and contact details of a flat fee.

Examples: https://www.facebook.com/rolex/

PPC – pay per click

Once you have your facebook page or even a personal account you can host your facebook ads. You have seen these while using facebook and much like Google you Pay-per-click. This can be very powerful due to targeting. Facebook knows everything! and you can harness this.

You could have an ad for your store be shown to women in the UK between 18 -24, who are Engaged to be married. You could target people who like “antiques roadshow” or maybe men who like Rolex and also BWM,. The system is flexible and personally as an author with over 99% of my income coming from Amazon and running an aggressive $50 USD a day campaign i know this can work.

If you’d like to consider facebook PPC, The best way is start with an hour consultation and review.