Branded webstore:

A webstore is exactly what it says on the box. It is a fully featured site where your customers can buy your goods, make payments and you fulfill them. We use the Tomato Cart system which makes it super easy to upload new products, change prices and receive orders and payments. It also has a great admin side so you even print of monthly statements or address labels for postage.

You will need a paypal account to receive funds.

Off-brand Webstore:

Having one webstore is a necessity but sometimes to take advantage of different products you sell or customer types, you might want more than one. Take the example of a very popular trade jewelery store we work with. They have high stock tun over and don’t want to be taking photo’s every day and uploading things. They also have regular customers who come in weekly and they expect fresh stock no one has seen. Fair enough.

That said they also have at least 50-100 items that they have had in stock for over a year. Some is modern and was a bargain to buy, some antique, even some silverware.  You can have one site called “London silverware” to move your spoons and trays and “London jewelers” for the rest. You may also take advantage of the “Engagement” market and focus on both modern and antique engagement rings and have many SEO articles about weddings.


Example site – please don’t place orders!